Fault Management

The software collects and uses statistical data to analyze and generate reports to help with resource planning for the network in line with the usage. The software collects CPU, Memory, Traffic, Error/Discard, Unicast Packets, Multicast Packets, Broadcast Packets, Response Time/Packet Loss data, and Latency/Jitter data to analyze network slowdown, MOS/ICPIF data to analyze Voice/VDO Streaming quality, and Power Loss data, Tx/Rx power from SFP fiber optics, firewall connections, QoS Class Traffic, DSL Line Statistic, FTTH ONU Statistics, Site Environment Statistics, and threshold settings to send alerts in case of any malfunction that could affect the network operation. The collected data is also used to compile reports.

  • CPU Utilization
  • Memory Utilization
  • Disk Utilization
  • Process Utilization
  • Interface Traffic
  • Interface Error
  • Interface Discard
  • Interface Unicast Packet
  • Interface Multicast Packet
  • Interface Broadcast Packet
  • Response Time/Packet Loss
  • Latency/Jitter
  • Power Loss, Tx/Rx Powe
  • Firewall Connection
  • QoS Class Traffic
  • DSL Line Statistic
  • FTTH ONU Statistic
  • Site Environment Statistic (temperature, humidity, power voltage, current,…)

Benefits of using NetkaView Network Manager X

Maximum efficiency in network management

NetkaView Network Manager X not only helps you to quickly and accurately identify a problem within the network, but also allows for optimal network equipment usage. The software performs Resource Allocation, monitors Traffic Priority, and manages network capacity, among many other features.

Cost effectiveness

NetkaView Network Manager X helps to reduce unnecessary operating costs, minimizes investments in staff training, saves time on identifying and resolving problems, and promotes an efficient utilization of network resources.

Revenue generation

effective and accurate network management on par with international standards and within your defined Service Level Agreement leads to greater confidence from network users, which in turn leads to increased revenue for your organization.

Support FCAPS

Fault Management