Release 2.4.0 - August 2023

New Feature in version 2.4.0 [Desktop Management Module]
(Desktop Management) is a system used to manage computers via the Internet, with the
following capabilities:

  • Can store computer details such as macaddress os version etc.
  • Ability to install and uninstall software into computer
  • Can store details of the software installed on the machine.
  • can order capture computer screen.
  • Able to send commands to operate the computer
  • able to store data on and off the computer
  • Able to store computer status data (Up/Down)


The work of Desktop Management is divided into two parts as
1.NNMX Agent
is used to collect data from the computer and send it to the NNMX Webserver.

2.NNMX WebServer
uses DNS to talk to the NNMX Agent


1.NNMX Agent
NNMX Agent is a program used to install on the computer and use the DNS of the web
to talk to each other to synch data. In the installation process can be grouped by zone,
region pop

The installer and user manual can be downloaded from the web page as shown.


2.NNMX WebServer
NNMX WebServer is a web page that will select the computer to perform the following

  • Install
  • Uninstall
  • Capture the screen
  • Send Command

to order the destination computer and generate reports to give users an overview of all


2.1 Desktop Management Tool

2.2 Desktop Management LOG

2.3 Desktop Management Screen Capture

You can also click the magnifying glass to view the image.

Release 2.3.0 - June 2023

What’s New

New Feature ใน version 2.3.0 [Customer Module]

  • Customer Report
  • Customer Portal

Customer Report

Customer Report is a reporting tool for ISP’s customers and enabling them to have an overview of their link performance, committed speed, link status and availability. Customers can generate their own historical report by themselves. There are 8 reports as follows:

1.Customer Interface Information display overview of customer’s link by circuit id or location, and also link status and speed that can drill down to view utilization/availability report

2.Interface TopN Utilization is a report used to view the TOP N Values of Input/Output Traffic by customer in a specific time period, displayed as a bar graph and a list of data.

3.Interface TopN Max Traffic Utilization is a report used to view TOP N input/output traffic by customer in a specific time period. You can select the time period as a date range by day or month. In addition, the unit can be selected in bps or %. The display is displayed as a bar graph and a list of data.

4.Customer Summary Report by Customer is a report that can be used to view Uptime,DownTime/Min Max Avg,Input/Output Traffice of each customer link by selecting the required fields, Order By, displaying data in days or months according to each customer.

5.Customer Summary Report by Interface Customer is a report that can be used to view the input/output traffic of a link over time and can choose to view the data by day or hourly interval.

6.Customer Summary Report (Short Report) is a report that can be used to view the value of Input/Output Traffic of a link by specific time period and can choose to view data by type of traffic such as Bps,%,Error.Discard.

7.Interface Statistic is a report that can be used to view graphs of Traffic Utilization, Error rate, Discard Rate according to Customer and Location by displaying a comparison graph between Input/Output. You can select the date and time period you want to view.

8.Interface Availability is a report that shows interface availability in a specify period of time


Customer Portal

1. Customer Name is a menu used to record information about the name of the customer who is using link service, consists of name, address, basic contact information of each customer, etc

2. Customer Link is a menu used to save link data for example circuit,service name, location, link speed, and also map customer’s link with the actual node and interface in the network

3. Customer Service display a list of available services for the customer.


Bug fixes

  • Filter nodes other than Switch/Router from the Tools menu

Release 2.2.0 - Mar 2023

What’s New

Features and enhancements

  • Configuration Change
  • Configuration Compare
  • Configuration Deployment
  • Firmware Update
  • Config Restore
  • Tool Show
  • Tool Ping And Trace

Enhancement on version 2.2.0

  • Display status of tasks.
  • Log page for Configuration Deployment, Firmware Update, Config Restore Menu to search for history.
  • Automated Config Change to compare backup configuration of the present day and the day before.
  • Support DCN’s device
  • Able to import default username and password from nodes without the need of manual filling out.
  • Backup Configuration has changed. Instead of saving from file, it was saved on MySQL.
  • Header trailer and command which is not related to Backup Configuration was removed.
  • Data Retention for Elasticsearch’s data removal. (Default 90 days)
Example : config compare ของอุปกรณ์ DCN


Example : Tool show


ตัวอย่าง Result การ Firmware อุปกรณ์ DCN

firmware update log

Bug fixes

  • License calculate incorrect calculation
  • Node is imported, POP is Undefined, even though there is data in POP.
  • Discovery History sometimes shows Discovery result incorrectly.
  • Discovery can be done even though the number of nodes is equal to the number of licenses, but no data is recorded in the system.

Release 1.0.6 - May 2022

Features and enhancements

  • Add Products identity file from support team
  • Add ASR920 chassis
  • Add show link in custom map
  • Add import nodes
  • Changed the way all product key licenses, used, and remaining pages are displayed to be easier to understand.
  • Added search count and next/previous result buttons in Diagram-Auto.

Bug fixes

  • Fix Home page to make tooltip 2 rows above show below node
  • Fix font color of the custom map setup page to make the text white.