January 28, 2020 nuttawoot@netkasystem.com

Monitor Your Business Servers and Applications

MITRE ATT&CK has revealed, in the year of 2019, about the security by getting information from the IT attacking techniques, and found that the elements those should be monitored for Microsoft Windows are: Process monitoring, File monitoring, Process command-line parameters, Windows Registry, Packet capture, NetFlow, Windows event Logs, etc. Those are the vulnerabilities of systems that malicious hackers aim to attack and take sensitive information. Therefore, all IT organizations should aware of the treats will may happen to the firms and lead to the impact to the business operations.

Source: https://twitter.com/SecHubb/status/1189140098471940097


NetkaView Network Manager X (NNMX) is IT infrastructure management system that combines the ability to monitor the system, both network and server, to help detecting and analyze the mentioned problems as well as reporting tool.

NNMX: Monitoring / Process View able to monitor the usage of Microsoft Windows Server’s process as shown the picture.


NNMX: Monitoring / Service View able to monitor the usage of Microsoft Windows Server’s service as shown the picture.