Fault Management

NetkaView Network Manager X displays network equipment statuses using color codes in an interactive Network Diagram. Users can drill down deep to the chassis-level to see status updates in real-time while viewing the connection between the equipment. The software is also compatible with Visio Diagrams and can display the actual locations of the network equipment on Google Maps. For MPLS systems, NNM is capable of displaying all VRFs on an MPLS/VPN Diagram, making inspections and planning easier. Event Management is made possible thanks to the Event Correlation, Event Suppression, Automatic Event Clearing, Event Holding and Event Journal features. The software also has an alert/alarm system that notifies the network operator when an event occurs. The alerts also include Site Environment updates such as temperature and humidity levels, electrical circuits and oil levels, which could potentially cause network problems if not monitored properly.

  • Network Discovery
  • Network Diagram
  • Heat Map Diagram
  • VLAN Diagram
  • Visio Network Diagram
  • Google Map Diagram
  • MPLS VPN Diagram
  • Custom Map
  • Chassis View
  • Syslog/SNMP Trap Server
  • Event Viewer
  • Event Filtering
  • Event Suppression
  • Event Correlation
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Automatic Event Clearing
  • Event Holding
  • Event Journal (Ticket)
  • Alert (Email, SMS, Sound)
  • Alert to Line App
  • Site/Device Environment

Benefits of using NetkaView Network Manager X

Maximum efficiency in network management

NetkaView Network Manager X not only helps you to quickly and accurately identify a problem within the network, but also allows for optimal network equipment usage. The software performs Resource Allocation, monitors Traffic Priority, and manages network capacity, among many other features.

Cost effectiveness

NetkaView Network Manager X helps to reduce unnecessary operating costs, minimizes investments in staff training, saves time on identifying and resolving problems, and promotes an efficient utilization of network resources.

Revenue generation

effective and accurate network management on par with international standards and within your defined Service Level Agreement leads to greater confidence from network users, which in turn leads to increased revenue for your organization.

Support FCAPS

Fault Management