January 28, 2020 nuttawoot@netkasystem.com

Enhance Your CCTV/IP Surveillance System

One of the important physical security is used by most everyone, whether it is a private installation in a household, as well as companies, stores, agencies and etc., is CCTV / IP Surveillance. One of the main problems of organizations that have CCTV Installed is a large number and a variety of brands, that is, centralized management in one screen is an interesting feature. When there are many brands installed, the separated management systems, make it difficult to monitor and consolidate the reports when abnormal events occur.

NetkaView Network Manager X (NNMX) able to manage CCTV / IP Surveillance by centralizing in a single pane or on a single screen. With a custom dashboard, administrators can customize the screen display and various reports to make them easily to understand, verify and to alert the abnormally events quickly.

NNMX also adds a fantastic feature called Live Streaming, allowing users to instantly view live events from each CCTV cameras, by simply using the mouse-click on the display screen (As shown in the picture below). Moreover, NNMX can be set the incident notification via LINE alert or an Instant Message (IM) application in your mobile devices.