Fault Management

NetkaView Network Manager X allows for gathering usage information through a Deep Packet Inspection and/or analyzing AVC data from Cisco equipment to determine the root cause of a network slowdown. This feature allows you to pinpoint exactly what’s causing the network to slow down, whether from a server or an application. You can also perform a Flow Analysis by using NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, cFlow or NBARS2 to analyze behaviors of network users. TACAC Log and Radius Log can also be used in usage analysis. In addition, users have the ability to retrieve NAT statistics.

  • Application & Network Analysis
  • Flow Analysis (NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, cFlow, Netstream, IPFIX)
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Application Bandwidth
  • Application Volume
  • Application Response Time
  • Server Response Time
  • Client Response Time
  • Network Delay
  • CSACS TACACS+ Accounting
  • CSACS RADIUS Accounting
  • Network Address Translation Statistic (NAT)

Benefits of using NetkaView Network Manager X

Maximum efficiency in network management

NetkaView Network Manager X not only helps you to quickly and accurately identify a problem within the network, but also allows for optimal network equipment usage. The software performs Resource Allocation, monitors Traffic Priority, and manages network capacity, among many other features.

Cost effectiveness

NetkaView Network Manager X helps to reduce unnecessary operating costs, minimizes investments in staff training, saves time on identifying and resolving problems, and promotes an efficient utilization of network resources.

Revenue generation

effective and accurate network management on par with international standards and within your defined Service Level Agreement leads to greater confidence from network users, which in turn leads to increased revenue for your organization.

Support FCAPS

Fault Management